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2009 China/Tibetan Plateau

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2008 China/Santanghu

2006 Egypt/Sallum

2002 S. Africa/Messina

2001 Zambia/Kabompo

1999 Turkey/Bagdere

1998 Curacao/Carribean

1995 India/Chattargargh

1994 Baja Mexico/Bahia Las Animas

1992 California/Torrey Pines

1991 Baja Mexico/N. of La Paz

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Flickr "2008 China solar eclipse"







a photo/video/blog chronicle of Bob Yen's solar eclipse expeditions, from around the world

What started out as photographic surveys of comets (see, led to an accidental opporunity to Baja/Mexico for the 1991 solar eclipse. Ever since then, solar eclipses chasing became a focus.

98 corona

cool animation

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