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Kabompo, Zambia (Southern Africa)

"in our language, we call the eclipse [ O foo qoo wacha lamba ]"
translation: night of the jungle
-- Western Zambian in village near Kabompo

People Photos

canoeing with Jonathan Shindanyi (oarman) & Paul Makina (seated) on Kabompo River
[ near eclipse observation site ]

Observation Site

amused onlooker viewing the foreigner & his equipment, crossing the Kabompo River

main tracking platform: 2 corona cameras + prominence camera

observation site, viewed from island

loading equipment (200 lbs total) into canoe

equipment crossing the Kabompo River

curious villagers at my site, after eclipse

ox cart transport (from river, to observation site)

curious onlooker, on return river crossing

curious onlookers, on our way to Kabompo

Mr. Katombo, owner of restaurant in Kabompo

visitor at restaurant

husband & wife, @Kabompo river-crossing

woman at Kabompo River, cleaning & getting water

harvested honey (being taken across the river to Kabompo)

Paul Makina (& farmers) "scoping" the houses across the river

children doing chores along the Kabompo River

brother & sister, @village across Kabompo River

man & son (Kabompo river-crossing)

boy with pick-axe (Kabompo river-crossing)

2 women waiting to cross Kabompo River (by canoe)

boy carrying load (W. Zambia, near Congo Border)

boy @Kabompo river-crossing

2 boys at village, across from Kabompo

woman & baby, sundown @West Zambian village (near Congo border)