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Kabompo, Zambia (Southern Africa)

Landscape Photos

Venus at morning twilight, before sunrise
[ Mufumbwe, Zambia (near Congo border) ]

sunset over Kabompo River, canoe dock (Kabompo)

Southern Sky star trial (partial moonlight)
[ Monze district, Zambia ]

Botswana sunset @Ihaha Camp in Chobe Nat'l Park, overlooking Chobe River (towards Namibia)

Victoria Falls @sunset (Livingstone, Zambia)

sunflower on island (resembles the radially symmetric solar eclipse corona)

canoe dock at sunset

beehive in Musombu tree (closeup)

anthive colony (in Musombu tree)

beehive in Musombu tree (wide view)

the Musombu tree containing beehive bears a green fruit

plant with bean-like fruit

tree with bean-like fruit

small bush w/red leaves (fall colors were prevalent everywhere)
[ Kazangula, Zambia (near Botswana border) ]

bug on tree (well camouflaged)
[ Kazangula, Zambia (near Botswana border) ]

thistle being pollinated by ants
[ Kazangula, Zambia (near Botswana border) ]

tree with bean-like fruit
[ Kazangula, Zambia (near Botswana border) ]

new growth, in "biomass burn" area
[ Mufumbwe, Zambia (near Congo border) ]

termite eating our boxes (they dug channels overnight!)
[ Mufumbwe, Zambia (near Congo border) ]

fern-like plant..with thorns! (Kazangula, Zambia)

"Danger & Delight Grow on the Same Stalk"
-- Scottish Proverb

Africa has Beauty..at a Cost! One has to be alert & careful at all times..(especially Personal Security, while travelling)

wild orchid at Kazangula, Zambia (near Botswana border)

"The Flower of Africa"